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If you can see nowadays most of the fashion trends are rising examples of this are clothes,bags,hairstyles,gadgets and as well as footwear.

I will introduce to you the “FEET FASHION” a.k.a footwear.
We all know that people wear shoes,sandals,high heels etc. but as you can see they added FLIP-FLOPS as feet fashion in tagalog they call it “DISIPIT”. and I agree with that. FLIP-FLOPS today are being revise. Fashion artist and designers are very creative because of the revised item. They made this beautiful just like the others. They create such design that barely seen by people, it is colorful,floral,girls and guys choice.

As we can see most people nowadays prefer to wear FLIP-FLOPS it’s just not bacause of the designs it is because it is comfortable to wear and it is good in the eyes of anybody. FLIP-FLOPS can wear anywhere it suits the surroundings such as, malls,parks,swimmings as well in the church they wear it.

There’s a lot of signatured FLIP-FLOPS that are available in the mall example of this are HAVAIANAS,IPANEMA,BANANA PEEL,PLANET,ROXY,PENSHOPPE and etc. and i can say that those FLIP-FLOPS are expensive. But i admit I collect FLIP-FLOPS because this are my addiction I collect different signatured FLIP-FLOPS some are expensive some are not as long as I am comfortable wearing it.

I love those people that are jetsetter even though they have no money to buy such thing as this a stupid flip-flops that are expensive some people just save money just to buy flip-flops. and it is so cute that there are some people buy cheap flip-flops just to become new. and i love that. cheers for all the FLIP-FLOPS lovers! hope you enjoy reading. 🙂


~ ni mssy sa Enero 6, 2010.

24 Tugon to “FLip-Flopsss.”

  1. 1st to comment… nice blog 😀

  2. Mssy, the best design on flip-flops is the feet itself:)

    Even if someone wears the most expensive havaianas, if his feet looks like “kamote”, he is better-off with “bota” hehe.

  3. ayan nadaan ako… nice naman pala blog mo….

    Feet fashion.. hala wala akong tsinelas.. tamang tama…
    Pero ingat sa mga pekeng signature, kasi there’s some chemicals na ginagamit sa tsinelas na nakaka allergy sa balat natin, kaya kailangan laging mabusisi mahal man o hindi….

    Happy New Year kahit late….
    Note: Kalat mo blog ni tito boy ah… ung blog ko wag mo nang ikalat kasi walang laman..hehheh

  4. Very nice blog….

  5. niCe=] niCe blog. and honestly. nice topic.hehe. keep it up=]

  6. hmmm cool….

  7. ehhhmmm…its not so bad..

  8. .. ai nku neng .. such a nice blog .. tama yn .. kht 2010 nah uso prn an flipflops .. tska ms comfortable isuot ..

  9. Nu e2 >.<

  10. Hi AtE Pink ^_^

  11. sayo ba yang flops n yan or pic lng kuha sa net? ano tatak nyan?

  12. You tell us a lot about Flip-Flops, Mssy, but I’m afraid that there’s something missing. Because I still do not understand when a slipper is just a slipper and when it’s a Flip-Flop. Or is a slipper a Flip-Flop as soon as somebody has drawn or painted something on it?
    Oh, and here’s another question: Are Flip-Flops available in (European) size 47?

    • first of all tnx for the view, anyways talking about flip-flops i think that slippers and flip-flops are the same the difference b/w the 2 is the design i think and the quality. in EUROPE? i dont think so and im not sure if there is availbale flip-flops in that place. there’s a lot of flip-flops in brazil. I think becuse some signatured company gets their product in BRAZIL but im not sure also.

  13. Sy no.1 post na yung blog mo sa dashboard! congrats!

  14. ang cute ng flip flop n slippers…

  15. elow…

  16. yo! Sy!
    nyc blog :))
    tgal qna toh nkita..now lang ngcomment,hehe
    goodluck sa studies :))

  17. I can’t go with the feet fashion that involve flip-flops. Pangit ang paa ko mas gusto ang magsapatos 😆

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