bibingka or puto bungbong??

if you were  ask what will you choose bibingka or puto bung bong?

if you will asked me between the two. I rather choose puto bung bong, why?. it’s my favorite 🙂

we all know that this food are very common this christmas. so every december there’s a lot of vendors near the church or somewhere selling bibingka and puto bung bong. i encountered a vendor that she only sells puto bung bong I asked her why she told me that selling bibingka is a hard work of cooking because you need a lot of charcoals and besides it is expensive compare to puto bung bong and she has no budget in selling bibingka because it has a lots of  ingredients compare to puto bung bong and i agree with that.


~ ni mssy sa Disyembre 17, 2009.

4 Tugon to “bibingka or puto bungbong??”

  1. Puto bum-bong paborito ko rin yan! Kaso hindi na masarap kapag malamig.

  2. weee. uu nga haha. love it.

  3. I would have to say bibingka!! Only because it’s easier to make them at home! But kidding aside, traditions like bibingka and puto bumbong are what make Christmas truly Filipino, truly festive! Happy holidays to you!

  4. yeah. your’e ryt. hapy holidays to u also

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