playing DOTA is an ABNORMALITY

playig DOTA for me is an abnormality.

take for example my classmates.

they are playing DOTA with matching shout,noise and they say bad words laugh out loud even though there are also renting pc’s

why do they have to make noise while playing DOTA??

to express what you feel? or you just making a trip. wew!

not just my classmates but all who play DOTA.

when i enter some of the computer shop’s there’s always a noise.

and guess what they are playing… DOTA.

so for me playing DOTA makes you wild. amp!


~ ni mssy sa Disyembre 13, 2009.

2 Tugon to “playing DOTA is an ABNORMALITY”

  1. you’re right, i play dota online and i noticed how rude people there.

  2. wooooo. you noticed din pla. kala cu acuu lang. hehe. tnx po!

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