Love Love Love??

In my opinion love is a feeling that everybody wants,the emotions associated with it,it can hurt us but sometimes it is the most amazing in our life.

One of us have a different way to show our love in somebody or in a one person important is do not give everything when youre inlove ,because sometimes if its not our true love it will hurt us and do not expect to be love back in the way you love him/her.Realize that it can be lost.

Never stop loving if you hurt before never stop loving because love can wait.If you love them but they did not love you set them free because true love means set them free in my opinion ^^ hihi..

You must love youre self before loving somebody,there is always hurt beyond it, try to let go rather than to hold on it.


~ ni debbielouise sa Disyembre 9, 2009.

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