they are great. (clap.clap.clap)

Standing obation..

me myself is very empress of Micah Sloat, a video editor. he and his girlfriend Katie Featherston  made a video clip containing a true to life story but in the other side it is not true. the movie clip is intitled “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY” i know that some people knows this but in the first place if you watch it  you will shocked and you will get scared because every scene is so creepy and the video clip is very well made by micah.

here is the highlight of the story.

there is a couple named micah and katie that lives in a big house and obviously they are live in. days goes by that they felt something creepy in their house guess what it is??. its either demon,alien or human that follows the couple but not micah its katie. the “demon” likes katie since she’s a child. Katie is so beautiful and gorgeous. one day they are very curious about that so micah set a video cam everynight in their room to take a shot about that demon


~ ni mssy sa Disyembre 8, 2009.

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