five steps to make yourself great by penelope

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in my own opinion making yourself great is one of your goals in life. if you want to be great make your own discipline in life, do your best everyday , share your happiness to others,always smile and do great things such as studying hard,bond with your family and share problems with your friends. Being great for me is not being popular. Being great is just being yourselves just who you are. not plastic but being honest to yourselves and being honest to others. Great people do right things. a great person at first always made a mistake wich does not mean that you have to surrender just face it and correct it. we are not perfect but being great i s a one thing that will you treasure it forever.

According to penelope a “great” blogger said that if you want to be great just do her five steps. being great is not always a happy moments. in every achievements theres always a dissapointment. All great people has their own dissapointment and mistakes like i said a while ago you have to correct and give youself a trust. Seek for your specialty. i know everyone is special but there one thing special to yourselves that anyone coul not have and be proud. if you feel that you cannot be great because you definitely try your best and it is not working just STOP. because you cannot be a great person maybe that is not the time for your greatness maybe in the future you just have to discover it by yourselves just be patient and wait until you become great.

Discover your own talent. I know that everyone has a talent. We all know that one recipe for greatness is the Talent. Talent makes you great just like the great blogger Penelope Trunk. she has a 200+ post and her topic is very ineteresting and I  should adore her. you can be as penelope just do your enjoyment not only posting in you blog but to discover your special skills and be a mentor to others.


~ ni mssy sa Disyembre 6, 2009.

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