20 Signs That You’re in Love. haha

  • You find yourself staring at him/her constantly
  • All you think about is him/her
  • You start listning to slow meaningful  songs
  • Everything reminds you of him/her
  • You cry when you think of him/her
  • You can be anywhere in the world but you’d chose to be with him/her
  • When you walk into a room full of people he’s/she’s the first person you look for
  • You dred the end of term because you know you have to go for weeks without seeing him/her
  • You always hope he’s going to come around the corner and tell you he/she loves you
  • He’s/she’s the last person you think of at night and the first person you think of in the morning
  • You do everything just to get his/her mobile number
  • Everytime your phone rings you hope it’s going to be him/her
  • If you know where he/she is you go there even if it’s miles out of your way
  • You get all hyper when he’s/she’s around just to see if it impresses him/her
  • All you seem to talk about is him/her
  • You’re to shy to talk to him/her
  • When you seem him/her with other girls/boys, it kills you
  • When he/she looks at you, your heart skips a beat
  • You’re always so out of it because your thinking of him/her
  • All the time you were reading this there was one person on your mind
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    ~ ni mssy sa Nobyembre 28, 2009.

    2 Tugon to “20 Signs That You’re in Love. haha”

    1. totally agree. :]

    2. toinks =]]
      nyc sy! haha… =]]
      i agree ! =]]

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