7 signs that he is serious to date with you. :)

1. He Calls/Texts at the Right Time

2. He Wants to See You… a Lot

3. You Pass the Distance Test

4. You Stack Up Against the Things He Loves to Do

5. He Finds a Way to Make Time for You

6. You See His Other Side

7. You Have Down Time Together


so check if your date’s are serious spending time with you. cheesy!!


~ ni mssy sa Nobyembre 27, 2009.

15 Tugon to “7 signs that he is serious to date with you. :)”

  1. gnun b yun hahaha….hehe 7?mdmi yun^^

  2. oo ganun un. haha

  3. yes! that is right if he really loves you he will do that signs. 🙂
    good job buddie! 🙂
    love you. mwa

  4. yes! that is right! haha

  5. correct! I agree ^^

  6. damn! haha.. pano pag wla pang nkkdate?? no experiene.. haha

  7. loko! di nu! sus!

  8. hmmmmmmmmm. haha.
    napadaan lang 🙂

  9. @totz hahaha. kunwari pa ee. haha

    @karoger>> slmat sa pag daan sna nka2daan ka plague d2. mhua

  10. ndi nga aba! geh! paalala pa..!

  11. totz comment k rin s posts ko.. subscribe ka.. enx.. [lab.lab]

  12. cge.cge. subscribe kadn sakin

  13. mtgal na kong nagsubscribe sau..

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