after new moon. what’s next??

new moon is really great.

the next movie they made after new moon is the third book in twilight saga which is ECLIPSE.It continues the story of 18-year-old Bella Swan and her vampire love, Edward Cullen. Eclipse is preceded by New Moon and followed by Breaking Dawn. The book was released on August 7, 2007 with an initial print run of 1 million copies and sold more than 150,000 copies in the first 24 hours alone.

Eclipse was the fourth bestselling book of 2008, only behind Twilight, New Moon, and Breaking Dawn, and was also ranked #1 on Publishers Weekly’s list of “Bestselling Hardcover Backlist Children’s Books” in 2008 with over 4.5 million copies sold.

pls watch it soon..


~ ni mssy sa Nobyembre 25, 2009.

4 Tugon to “after new moon. what’s next??”

  1. ….uii..kaw ba may gwa nyan.?aus ahhh..ahehehe..
    ….lETRANISTA ka pla…

  2. ..after nwe mOon.eclpz yata..mag co2mbined daw cla jacb nd edward…..

  3. i think no, ksi sa eclipse na sila mag fight. pero dont wori i will post an update about ECLIPSE. sna lgi ka mapa daan d2 sa blog cuu. slamat po ng mrami!. fan ka dn ba ng twilight saga?

  4. ahhmm opo letranista po aku. hehe. san niu po nkita blog cuu?

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