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Nakahara Sunako

•Pebrero 28, 2010 • Mag-iwan ng Puna

Do you know who is Nakahara Sunako??

– a mangga character that loves death.. she is not emo but rather than gothic even though she is scary. i love them because she is cute as well. pout:


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– advance hapee valentine’s day to all wordpresser. do you have dates in valentines day?. me i have already a date.. 🙂

– when we talk about valentines.. hearts come to our mind first or couples dating.

– usually couples celebrating valetines on a romantic date or somewhere that are romantics.

– but there are also people that celebrate their valentines with friends and famili because maybe they have no partner yet.

– but some are no valentines. they usually in the house playing computer games to destroy boredom.

.. celebrating the valentine or not is not important to me as long as we are loving each other to make us happy. :))


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– lately i discover that i post weekly in my blog and not daily as always do. but now i post weekly. i dont know what’s happening. harssshhh. i hope it will come back.


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– what is good thing wearing lipstick?? here are some answers.

1. it makes me feel fabs. 😉
2. i feel like im a popular artist
3. it makes boys smile.
4. kissable….
5. yummy.

above are some answers from my mates. for me wearing lipstick makes me feel FABS. Because i wear lipstick as in i put lipstick 3 layers to become thick.. as in totally red. but not everday i usually put lipstick if i will hang out with friends and family.

wearing lipstick is not what you called FLIRT. it is one way how to improve yourself. How to make you sometimes gorgeous and developing youself confidence. :)) cheers* for those who wear lipstick!. mhua.

psssstt!! fs o fb??

•Enero 10, 2010 • 4 mga puna
From hh

-“uyy!! penge naman acuu ng testi!. o kaya coment ka sa photo cuu. at mga kadramahang nillgay sa shout-out.” e2 ang karamihang sigaw ng mga taong merong friendster. ngging adik ang mga to dhil sa friendster pggawa ng mga lay-outs at mga graphic comments, at hgit sa lhat pramihan ng friends at pgandahan ng profile. Aminado acuu meron acong fs at hndi cu ikinakaila yon. (proud to be..)

-ngunit sa kabilang bhagi bglang sumulpot c facebook. ahhmm. c facebook kung ttgnan ntin simple lng prang friendster lng dn pero kung huhukayin ntin ang nilalaman nito mdyo may kalamangan sya kay friendster. S mga apps. at games plng ni fb taob na c fs. at c fb may chat pa,. at isa pa mdling mkpg add sa fb hndi n kelengan ng EKEK. nllgyan dn sya ng themes kaso hndi kgaya ng ganda kay friendster un lng lamang nia ata ee. ang mga taong may fb masyadong panic na bka mabulok ang tnatanim at mabulok ang niluluto. haisst.

-pero ito nmn ay depende sa tao kung anu gusto nila. ung iba fs daw kc corny magtanim at mag aalaga ng nilalangaw na pet at wlang kwentang restaurant na nbubulukan ng pagkain at ung iba nman fb kc boring daw sa fs pg ka coment at pagka update ng profile log-out na. d man lng ntapos ung 30 mins. mung time sa comp. shop.

para sakin…

It depends on you guyss. FS man o FB it doesnt matter kung anu ang gngmit mo as long as na ngging masaya ka s gngwa mo. Ignore the people who judges you just do whatever you want that makes you happy. 🙂

My homework. :)

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From everything's nice

Photo information
Jan 8, 2010
2048×1536 pixels – 500KB
Filename: 07012010142.jpg
Camera: Nokia
Model: N73
ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/15 sec
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: 5.6mm
Flash Used: No
Latitude: n/a
Longitude: n/a

Everything’s nice 😀
Eveything that I post to my Blog is related with this picture.
I took this picture lately and honestly I dont know what will I do to make a picture about my blog. So I put all the categories by using some thing that will represent it. example of this are the CD’s for the music and movies,sunglasses and eyeglass for the fashion. I admit that not all of my categories are joined. Some categories are only minors. I just include the major topics that I post. Hope it can be better soon. 🙂